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Speak Up Program

Deliver Dynamic, Interactive, Successful Presentations

What They’re Saying

  • ““From coach to new business guru, Margo makes you see past you and your needs to that of your audience/client.”

    Matt Seiler, Global CEO
    Universal McCann

  • “From the time I was first sent through today when I send people to you, working with you has made me, my team and my business more effective and successful. Thank you for that.”

    Angie Vieira-Barocas, Managing Director, Partner
    Mother New York

  • “The assistance you have provided to our organization has made an enormous difference in Arden being able to deliver its message to investors. Your intuition, market instincts and overall judgment have been spot on. I personally like that you don't pull any punches in letting us know where the soft spots are in our presentation. We have greatly benefited from your objective and candid commentary.”

    Averell H. Mortimer, President & Founder
    Arden Asset Management, Inc.

  • ““If you had told me that someone could improve my presentation techniques that much in 3 days, I would have scoffed - it was a revelation. The things that you taught me will stay with me for life. A huge thank you.”

    Peter Thomson, Managing Director

  • “Michael–I just walked out of the Margo T Krasne “Speak up!” workshop on presentation skills and owe you a huge “thank you”. I was very fortunate to attend this highly acclaimed workshop and benefited tremendously.  I took away a great deal of new learnings and will share them with the group next week. I would like to thank you for making it available to me.  It is a true indication of how much we benefit by being a part of a sales organization that values personal growth.”

    Meg Papazian, AE Advertising Sales
    Oxygen Media

  • “Of all the courses and programs I have attended on presentation skills, you are by far one of the most effective and motivating instructors that I have ever encountered. I found both your method and content to be well-structured, to the point, and laser like in getting the point across.”

    Robert L. Aromando, Jr. Vice President of Marketing
    Bracco Diagnostics, Inc.

My book “Say It With Confidence” explains the philosophy and skills taught in the workshops. It's available in paperback at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and on Amazon Kindle.